POLICY PAPER: Foreign Ministry

by Iustì Tíçhern Corneirsource

Foreign Ministry

The Talossan Foreign Ministry under a Free Democratic government will reflect the Party’s commitment to an “active and competent” administration. It is no secret that the Free Democrats are largely satisfied with the current administration of the Foreign Ministry; indeed, the Party formally requested the current Foreign Minister to continue on in this role under a Free Democratic government. While that offer was refused, it does not alter our belief that the administration of the Foreign Ministry under Minister Itravilatx can and should serve as a model for the Ministry under a Free Democratic government. Indeed, while the Free Democrats of Talossa have a detailed policy program of 16 priorities that will drive the work of a Free Democratic government, none of these priorities directly pertain to the operations or direction of the Foreign Ministry.

Accordingly, the Free Democratic approach to the administration of the Foreign Ministry can best be summed up as “More of the same, with a little more of the same, please.”

The overarching spirit of a Free Democratic Foreign Ministry will reflect a passionate belief in the strength of the Talossan nation, the ingenuity of the Talossan people, and the profound contributions of Talossan culture. We will be confident in our stability, open in our hearts, and committed to the values of individual freedom, nonviolence, and democracy.

In that spirit, please find below the approach to the Foreign Ministry you should expect from a Free Democratic government:

• An honest, arms-wide-open posture in the transition to a Free Democratic government. Expect clear and open communication, and comradely cooperation, between myself and Minister Itravilatx.

• We will retain all current Ambassadors-General.

• We will retain the current Administrator for the Bureau of Humanitarian Aid and International Development and the BHAID Board of Governors. A Free Democratic Government will work closely with the BHAID Administrator and the Board of Governors to implement their funding program and push to make that program a defining feature of Talossa’s standing in the international community

• A Free Democratic Foreign Ministry will release monthly summaries of its work program and the status of its administrative responsibilities. These will be included within a Free Democratic Government’s regular governmental updates or produced directly by the Ministry.

• A Free Democratic Foreign Ministry will update Talossa Wiki with a list of the entities with which Talossa has official diplomatic relations, as well as the status of ongoing negotiations with other entities.

• A Free Democratic Foreign Ministry will create an official list of third-party micronation-related information sources and directories. The Foreign Ministry will then maintain updated information about Talossa on all sources on the list

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