POLICY PAPER: The Ministry of Stuff

by Timoþi Asmourescù – source

Years ago, Stuff was one of those forgotten ministries. Initiatives were often fun but didn’t have a huge impact. Since reunison, Stuff really stepped up to the plate. We have a Wiki. We have a sleek new web presence. That’s something that everyone, from all party affiliations, can be proud of.

So what’s next?

A nationalized Witt.

Let’s set aside the discussion of the fact that the apolitical King controls Witt. Let’s not discuss how, in the past, the King has exercised his Witt admin authority alternatively with and without court authority. We can have a lovely chat about the future of the monarchy in one of the numerous threads I’ve started on that topic. No, let’s discuss why moving Witt from Proboards to be hosted with our website and Wiki is the next step in our technological future.

  1. A Streamlined look – Nice website, nice wiki but our website still sits on Proboards with ads urging me to be a better father, self-publish my book or earn a Masters degree. A self-hosted Witt means that we, the citizens, will control its content. Rather than paying an external host we can explore the possibility of hosting ads ourselves to help defray the cost of web hosting. Or, we can go ad-free for a nice clean interface.
  2. Long-term archival solutions – Right now, if Proboards had a server hiccup, we are at their mercy in terms of what was backed up and when. We could lose years worth of discussions, election results and links to funny cat videos. Self-hosted, we can implement a regular backup schedule. For the historical record, we would work closely with the Secretary of State and the Scribe’s office to ensure that the historical discussions here are preserved.
  3. Continuity – Right now, if King John simply decided we would all be banned, that could happen. The boards do not pass between governments. There is no government oversight. We are guests on a private web forum. Administrator rights would be assigned based on civil service guidelines and control would pass through democratically appointed governments just as the rest of our hosted websites.
But what else?

One thing that would be interesting to explore would be obtaining no-cost group benefits for citizens of our nation. We would want to implement discounts that would be useful and practical for as many citizens as possible. Our citizens are all over the world. But we could likely secure discounts that would reward dedicated citizens while helping to raise the profile of our nation beyond our borders.

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