POLICY PAPER: Ministry of Justice

by Senator Eovart Grischün

Ministry Remit (Source: TalossaWiki)

The Ministry of Justice provides legal advice and assistance to the government as requested. The holder of the portfolio of this ministry is known as the Avocat-Xheneral (Attorney-General). He and his subordinate officers prosecutes actions brought by the government and defend the government against actions brought against it in the Kingdom’s courts.


1) Rearranging of the Justice Ministry

There is a bit of a flaw in our legal system where the government’s defense lawyer is also the government’s (and Crown’s) prosecution lawyer.

I would like to study the feasibility of implementing an actual Crown Prosecution Service.

My plan would see the Ministry of Justice rearranged to address this in the following arrangement:

– Minister of Justice
— Head of the Justice Ministry
— Sets legal policy and directs the government’s legislative agenda in regards to the Justice system

– Attorney General
— Subordinate deputy to the Minister of Justice
— This is the chief legal adviser to the government and is defense counsel on behalf of the government/Crown

– Procurator Fiscal
— Subordinate deputy to the Minster of Justice
— This is the chief prosecution attorney for the Kingdom, who shall deal with the prosecution of reported crimes

2) Separating the politics from the law and addressing the “many hats” situation

As I am not sure what can actually be done in this regard at this point in time, I simply make the manifesto pledge to have a vigorous and thorough investigative study on the problems and then issue a white paper of recommendations.

3) Creating Statutes for Court issued warrants

Our current legal system does not provide legal protection in the form of Court issued warrants. I would like to see our system include statutes that would require investigators, etc, to seek and obtain court issued warrants before prying into citizens’ business and lives for the purposes of gathering evidence.

4) Streamlining and centralization of Services

I would like to visit the possibility of the Talossan legal system being hosted within its own online domain. A dedicated web service just for the legal systems of Talossa. Including links to law libraries, the business of the Corts, the legally mandated complaints system, the office of the Clerk of Cort, et al.

5) Assisting any other Ministry in a “root and branch” clear out of the Organic and Statutory Laws

Our Laws are bulky. Our laws are clunky. Some stuff from the OrgLaw needs to be cleared out and put into Statute. Some stuff from the Statutes needs to be taken out of law and put into governmental policy briefs. I will assist fellow Ministers with this task.

6) Continuing with current Court cases

I am up to date with the current cases and would work towards the resolution of each.

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