PRESS STATEMENT: FreeDems Role In Negotiating Government Ends

From the election up until today, the Free Democrats of Talossa have been negotiating in good faith with both the RUMP and the Moderate Radicals in the hope of concluding either one or two deals to create a Government which would have the confidence of a majority of the Cosâ.

Earlier this week, we were informed by the Moderate Radical negotiators that there was no chance of concluding a deal which was not in the nature of a formal coalition. The Free Democrats, of course, specifically campaigned against this, and we feel that to go back on it now would be a slap in the face to our voters, and easy pickings for our opponents. Our record of doing what we say we will do is of top importance with us.

Today, we learned that a draft deal for Government which had been agreed by FreeDem and RUMP negotiators had been voted down by the RUMP membership. Though negotiations were carried out in good faith and ended without rancour – for which we credit the RUMP negotiators, who were prepared to present some pretty hefty concessions to their side – the FreeDems are disappointed by this outcome.

Given this, it appears that the Free Democrats are out of options on forming a Government in the 49th Cosa. The only remaining option seems to be a Monarchist Grand Coalition (RUMP-ModRads-TNC). Although it’s not impossible that either the RUMP or the ModRads might ask us to return to the table, we’re not holding our breath, either. We therefore urge the other parties to conclude their own negotiations as soon as possible and form a stable Government.

The Free Democrats will continue to campaign for active government, Civil Service/Civil Society reforms, and putting manners on the increasingly erratic and unaccountable Head of State. We look forward to an even better election result in the 50th Cosa, and to play a leading role in the Government after that. The incumbent Free Democrat Cabinet Ministers look forward to helping their successors with the transition of government.

Miestrâ A. I-figlhâ Schivâ
Free Democrats Party Leader

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