#FreeDems 2017: Our Policy Priorities for the next Ziu


  1. The Ministry of Culture to work with non-governmental organisations and provincial governments to build Talossa’s “civil society” – ways to be Talossan outside of the Government, including language, research, sports and leisure. Prevent government appropriation of private projects through nationalisation, but where possible provide government support for such projects which need it.
  2. By the end of the 51st Cosâ, the Ministry of Culture to broker agreement between the CÚG, the Ladîntsch Naziunál and all other Talossan-language groups and interested parties on (a) a single official spelling system accessible to all speaker communities; (b) a strategy to increase learning and use of ár glheþ naziunál in daily Talossan life.
  3. Revive the Council of Governors to promote greater interaction between our provinces.


  1. Slim down government: cut down on the number of departments, bureaus, and even Ministries. Shift as many functions as possible to the non-political Civil Service and Chancery.
  2. Removal of Wisconsin law from El Lexhátx, and replacement of relevant sections with indigenous Talossan equivalents drafted with the input of top members of the Bar.
  3. Reform of registration fees for political participation, with the introduction of $5 for Senate candidates.
  4. Support a more accessible judicial system for simple disputes.
  5. Set an age minimum of 14 for citizenship applicants
  6. Privacy law for information used on private and public sites relating to Talossa.
  7. Anti-discrimination law to prevent discrimination against individuals on the basis of whether they voted publicly or privately. 


  1. Thorough-going Organic Law reform on the basis of V. Marcianüs’ draft document.
  2. Reduction of Cosa seat numbers to 20
  3. The Seneschál to be appointed by the King on the advice of a majority of Cosa seats.


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