50-word statement:

The Free Democrat-led government has delivered where other parties have just talked. From taking control of our national website to reviving the national language, Miestra Schiva and her Government team have gotten things done and made things fun. Re-elect us for more democratic reforms, hard-working leadership and an exciting Talossa!


For Senäts:

  • CÉZEMBRE: Alexandreu Regeu
  • FIÔVÂ: Gödafrïeu Valcádac’h
  • FLORENCIA: Açafat del Vál*
  • MARICOPA: Txoteu Davinescù

* In Florencia, the Free Democrats urge a [2] (second preference) vote for the AMP candidate, Brenéir Itravilatx.

For the Cosa:

  1. Miestrâ Schivâ
  2. Munditenens Tresplet
  3.  Martì-Páir Furxhéir
  4. Txec dal Nordselvâ
  5. Alexandreu Regeu (also Senäts candidate)
  6. Gödafrïeu Valcádac’h (also Senäts candidate)
  7. Txoteu Davinescù (also Senäts candidate)
  8. Açafat del Vál (also Senäts candidate)

Our Programme for the 54th Cosa


  • move more jobs from the Cabinet to non-political (Royal Civil Service) posts, to encourage people to work for Talossa without having to get involved in partisan politics.


  • Promote games, contests and puzzles for citizens, including a Mixtape programme.
  • Continue re-establishment of SIGN and pushing forward to not only an agreed spelling, but long-overdue reforms to the language itself.
  • Work with the Ladîntsch Naziunál on mandates for more use of ár glheþ.


  • Move our discussions to New Wittenberg under Chancery control as soon as possible.
  • Use social media and design website creatively to get Talossa “noticed”.
  • Collaborate with Royal Archives on Witt archiving project.


  • Create a “New Citizens’ Information Packet” and find other ways to get new citizens quickly involved in Talossan society and state.
  • Convene the Council of Governors to recommend a future for provincial governments including suggestions for further mergers. No provincial mergers imposed “top-down”.


  • Name several Justices of the Peace, with powers to adjudicate non-Constitutional cases subject to appeal to the Uppermost Cort.
  • Constitutional reform:
    • non-hereditary monarchy;
    • Seneschál to be named by a vote in the Cosâ;
    • explore unicameral MMP Real Cosa (with mandatory lists).
  • Reform of Uppermost Cort procedures to make them transparent and simple to understand.
  • Removal of Wisconsin law and replacement with Talossan equivalents.


  • Introduce $5 registration fee for Senäts candidates.
  • Increase national revenue with voluntary taxation (aka fundraising/donations from citizens).

FOREIGN AND DEFENCE: Maintain status quo.

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