Free Democrats for the 55th Cosă Election, July 2020

50-word statement:

Re-elect Miestră Schivă as Seneschál for a third term! Free Democrats in government get things done and have more fun. We want a referendum on Royal powers, better outreach to the world via social media our website and diplomacy; and more use of the Talossan language. Don’t mess with success!


For Senäts:

  • CÉZEMBRE: Ián Tamorán
  • MARITIIMI-MAXHESTIC: Cresti da Ion Nouacastră-Läxhirescu
  • VUODE: Eðo Grischün

In Benito, the Free Democrats urge a vote for the New Peculiar Way candidate, E. S. Börnatfiglheu

For the Cosă:

  1. Miestră Schivă
  2. Munditenens Tresplet
  3. Martì-Páir Furxhéir
  4. Txec dal Nordselvâ
  5. Txoteu Davinescù
  6. Cresti da Ion Nouacastră-Läxhirescu (also Senäts candidate)
  7. Antalgha Xhenerös Somelieir
  8. Eðo Grischün (also Senäts candidate)

Our Programme for the 55th Cosa

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