Free Democrats for the 55th Cosă Election, July 2020

50-word statement:

Re-elect Miestră Schivă as Seneschál for a third term! Free Democrats in government get things done and have more fun. We want a referendum on Royal powers, better outreach to the world via social media our website and diplomacy; and more use of the Talossan language. Don’t mess with success!


For Senäts:

  • CÉZEMBRE: Ián Tamorán
  • MARITIIMI-MAXHESTIC: Cresti da Ion Nouacastră-Läxhirescu
  • VUODE: Eðo Grischün

In Benito, the Free Democrats urge a vote for the New Peculiar Way candidate, E. S. Börnatfiglheu

For the Cosă:

  1. Miestră Schivă
  2. Munditenens Tresplet
  3. Martì-Páir Furxhéir
  4. Txec dal Nordselvâ
  5. Txoteu Davinescù
  6. Cresti da Ion Nouacastră-Läxhirescu (also Senäts candidate)
  7. Antalgha Xhenerös Somelieir
  8. Eðo Grischün (also Senäts candidate)

Our Programme for the 55th Cosa


spokesperson: Miestră Schivă

a ranked choice referendum on the powers of the King: choosing between the status quo, a Monarchy with only emergency powers, and an elected Head of State.

a new National Survey to follow up on last year’s one, to get honest feedback and to set priorities for Government policy.

Cabinet Ministers will be required to be continuously active in their portfolios. Cabinet Ministers who fail to carry out their agreed duties will be required to give an explanation to the Ziu, or else resign.


spokesperson: Miestră Schivă

We commit to increasing our national income by starting a Voluntary Donations campaign, with a pre-determined goal.

We will investigate further avenues to sell our coins and stamps.

We will investigate the following initiatives for feasibility:

  • incorporating a non-profit organization in a US state to own Talossa’s online and other property
  • a governmental services procurement system, featuring guidelines by which non-Talossans may be found to perform certain Government jobs for which no Talossans are available, for whose performance the relevant Minister will be accountable.
  • a digital version of Talossan currency that can be bought with macronational currency, and used for trade between Talossans, to complement our current coins.


spokespersons: Cresti Nouacastră and Martì-Pair Furxhéir

New leadership at the Culture Ministry will prioritise promoting “games and competitions”, as per the last National Survey, and other “fun” Talossanity.

We will prioritise translations of important State texts into ár glheþ naziunál and work with SIGN to publish a revised official Grammar of the Talossan language.

We will examine setting up a bi-monthly cultural magazine.


spokesperson: Eðo Grischün

Our national website and our social media are woefully underused. We will overhaul the former, investigating replacing whole sections of it with the relevant pages on TalossaWiki. We will actively use the latter to promote Talossa.

We will set up a “Talossan Labour Exchange” website, to match Talossans with jobs that need doing. All vacant positions set up by law will be advertised on this site, plus any other jobs that Ministries, the Civil Service or non-Government entities might require. New and existing citizens will be asked to make profiles on it and register their skills and interests, and the Interior Ministry can use these match enthusiastic citizens to areas which need workers.

In this, the Interior Ministry will prioritise getting new Talossans and citizens returning from inactivity “back in the game” by providing small, easy-to-do, no-pressure assignments.


spokesperson: Açafat dal Vàl

We set up two Ziu committees with equal Govt/Opposition representation to produce reports, including proposed legislation if appropriate, on:

  1. Reform of the Cosă/Ziu. These might include: the Cosă’s size, electoral system and ways of assigning seats; the possibility of a unicameral Ziu; moving responsibility for the Clark from the Chancery to the Mençéi and the Tuíschac’h.
  2. Law reform. This might include: removing Wisconsin law from el Lexhatx in favour of an indigenous equivalent; moving to an inquisitional rather than adversarial Cort system; moving to a civil law rather than a common law system.

Free Democrats will make a party submission to these committees, but they will prioritise gaining a broad consensus between parties.

We will go through El Lexhatx to make sure all references to other sections of the Lexhatx and to the Organic Law are up to date (especially following the “Still Into This” Amendment).


spokesperson: Txoteu Davinescù

We will actively engage with the micronational community, seeking cultural exchanges and friendship with other Talossa-like entities (as opposed to non-serious “bug nations”). First priority will be updating Talossa’s entry at


spokesperson: Txoteu Davinescù

We will prioritise activities of the Zuavs under new leadership.

We will investigate re-starting “BEER”, Talossa’s now-defunct rocketry/aeronautics/space programme.

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