Referendums in the 55th Cosa Election: Free Democrat recommendations

RZ16 – The There’s No Such Thing As A Free Senäts Seat Amendment

VOTE PËR. Talossa needs all the sources of income it can get. Political parties have contributed $10 per election for a long time, but Senators have not had to contribute. This amendment will allow us to set a fee for successful Senäts candidates; we envisage $5 would be fair.

RZ22 – The Amada Mertgedes Martyrdom Memorial Act

VOTE PËR. Amada Mer‏‏‏tgedes was elected to the Senate, but was not allowed to vote because she hadn’t been a citizen for a year. But then she was kicked out of the Senäts for not voting! That was not supposed to happen, and this amendment fixes those contradictory OrgLaw provisions.

RZ23 – The Uniform Seneschál Election Act

VOTE PËR. Instead of the King choosing a Seneschál, this Amendment gives the Cosa the right to elect the Seneschál on the first Clark. This makes Talossa much more democratic and transparent.

RZ25 – Judiciary Amendment of 2020

VOTE PËR. The Uppermost Cort has been in a muddle for ages, with inactive Justices and no clear procedure. This amendment was drafted by UC Justice and actual legal expert, Viteu Marcianüs, to make Talossa’s court system work on sound principles.

RZ28 – The Non-Hereditary Monarchy Amendment

VOTE PËR. Talossa has always elected its Kings. The one time we tried a hereditary succession, the crown went to a 7 year old boy whose family didn’t want him involved in Talossa at all. This amendment will ensure that Talossa’s next King is capable of doing the job.

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